We are particular; membership will be denied for any felony conviction and most misdemeanor convictions.

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Do you want a better way to find a good person to share real love?

Our membership requirements and background checks enable us to recruit young men and women who would never use ordinary online dating sites.

If you are in the 18 - 39 age range and seek lasting friendships and relationships this community was created for you.

Young Singles is an Intelligent Dating Network community.

Couch potatoes and persons with negative attitudes need not apply.

This community is for young singles who want to get out and enjoy life and share their life with a very special partner. A significant percentage of men, and even women under 40 have committed serious crimes.

Most people with criminal records dont even bother to contact us.

Sometimes people will call and tell us about their little problem, usually the little problem isnt so little.

Our members are honest, responsible, intelligent singles who seek to establish lasting relationships.

We don't care for the club scene, phone lines, personals ads or online services that allow anyone to join for any purpose.

For your safety and security we require background checks as a condition of membership.