The player must be signed into Xbox Live to receive the game update for those games.Users are able to buy branded clothing, such as Adidas, for their Avatar, as well as game-related clothing, such as costumes from Monkey Island, Bio Shock 2, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Halo, Splinter Cell Conviction and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Avatars debuted on the Xbox 360 as part of the "New Xbox Experience" system update released on November 19, 2008.

Users are able to customize body shape, gender, facial features, hair style, clothing, and "props".

This feature is discontinued from Xbox One since the avatars on Xbox One does not support Avatar Awards anymore as of June 1, 2016.

* = The game has avatar awards which are linked to certain achievements in another game. All the awards in Halo Waypoint needs certain achievements unlocked in Halo: Reach, except for the Halo: Reach Beta shirt which is no longer obtainable.) † = The game has achievements which can be used in another game to unlock avatar awards from there (e.g.

or by using the Microsoft Silverlight based editor on

Across all of these experiences, users will have access to their entire closet of items that they've purchased or have been awarded throughout the Xbox ecosystem.

The people who had access to these also were spotted to have a mysterious achievement in their profile named 'Xbox 360 Beta' and was orange in color with a Beta symbol and the number 09 – it was concluded that they were actually beta testing the new Avatar Marketplace.

In addition to clothing, the Avatar Store also has animated props available for purchase.

A player can also update their Avatar's wardrobe by achieving certain goals and unlocking different clothing.