You’ve been thinking about dating for quite some time.And now that you’ve bungled things up by admitting this to a few close friends, who are happily paired with helpful, loving partners, they want to introduce you to a cute, promising individual.When the eight-hour work day is complete, you travel back to the daycare, where you’re told about the new and exciting milestones your child has achieved that day, which sadly you missed, but the bubbling teacher was so happy to witness.

If you are ready to begin dating, you’ll need to write these down.

Don’t linger somewhere between your pain from what’s happened in the past and the fear of what hasn’t even happened yet.

But you have a harsh, realistic grip on life; and the idea of dating sounds simply exhausting.

Plus, you know that once you officially decide to play this dating game – again – it will be an entirely different, unfamiliar sport. Your friends can’t fathom your resistance, nor do they fully understand the extent of your exhaustion.

This article also has some additional rules and advice for the lovely folks you decide to date.

So, if you’re ready, release yourself to the breathtaking possibilities a new relationship can bring.It sets itself apart by using Facebook for more than just photos and profile verification.Users can see each others' full names and Facebook profiles, including height, profession, education, religious views and interests.While Tinder matches users with anyone in the target area, Hinge restricts the dating pool considerably.You can only match with friends of Facebook friends, although this functionality may change over time.So, please, indulge for me a moment as I describe the life you know all too well, because this might enlighten your friends, and thwart any existing ideas they have about pushing their newly divorced/separated pal out to play, before you’ve had time to learn the rules.