The Domus de Janas Conca and Janas are sepulchral structures consisting of prehistoric rock tombs typical of the prenuragic Sardinia.They are located in the Conca and Janas area, near Dorgali, and constitute a three tombs necropoli.

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The territory of Dorgali and Cala Gonone is characterized by the wide variety of Archaeological sites and historical evidences.

At the end of the 19th century, Domenico Lovisato was the first to analize and study some Domus de Janas located in the countryside.

The anthropomorphic figures carved in the Bue Marino caves are dated back to the same Era.

193 sites, among which we can count 78 villages, 46 nuraghi, 40 tombs of giants, 17 wells and three walls, constitutes a unique testimony of the Nuragic age.

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Coordinate : LAT: 40.28408118164771LNG: 9.585462075691225The Dolmen Motorra is made of an horizontal large slab of basalt set over seven smaller stones that form a polygonal base.

Around them is a stone circles that was to be the containment of the earth that formed the mound coverage.

It is made by more than 200 elements and could hosted about one thousand people.