Mark Clarke is a Strategy Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and prior to that was a Brand Manager for five years with Procter and Gamble.

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Well, in this country the answer is that there is legally very little you can do.

You cannot get rid of someone for being ‘barely adequate’ – despite the fact that your customers demand products and service well in excess of ‘barely adequate’.

It is not that they have been caught with their hands in the till.

It is just that they are not delivering with the high level of competence and passion that you think your organisation deserves.

10% of Swiss GDP now comes from companies such as this.

As a result, Switzerland has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe which is 25% lower than the UK’s already low unemployment rates at 4.3% vs the UK’s 5.3% or the EU15 at 7.6%.If we want to remain competitive in the world we need to confront the global challenge of a global economy.We need to understand that companies have choices and are choosing to exercise that choice against the over-regulated UK and the EU model.What do you do if you have an employee who is just not delivering?It is not that they are demonstrably and wilfully not co-operating.They have moved UK jobs to Switzerland and dramatically reduced their corporation tax payments to the UK.