Ben later realized that he was in love with both Jo Jo and Lauren B., but he can't decide between the two, and his mom reveals her top pick.

"You know, Jo Jo is way more my style," Diane tells her son. I just don't know." "If I had to pick for Ben, I mean if the decision was mine," Diane says in her on-camera interview and stops as she holds back tears.

The Burke Management Firm is passionate about being instrumental in the success of other people which has been the guiding light of the firm since its inception.

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Pittman began his entertainment industry career at the age of 21 as a Casting Assistant for shows such as “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Through the mentorship of Producer and Casting Director Jacqui Pitman (Co-Executive Producer of ABC’s Hit Show “Extreme Makeover" and Creator of MTV’s Hit-Dating Series “NEXT”), came the moment of sudden realization that Casting is the backbone of a great Reality show!

With Jacqui’s inspiration and industry insight, he was quickly involved in recruiting, interviewing talent on camera, supervising edits and pitching to producers/networks.

I know I have two women that I love and that I can see my life with and I have no idea who I could be saying goodbye to at this point." Watch the full sneak peek below, and be sure to catch the season finale of "The Bachelor," which airs Monday, March 14 at 8 p.m.

This provocative, highly visual and electrifyingly funny hit dating show is where first impressions really do count!

The Program Manager or Donor-Advisor makes recommendations for disbursements which are reviewed by United Charitable for approval.

"There certainly aren't words enough to describe how much this picture means to @emilystag and I, but here's my attempt," Michael captioned a family photo.The mission of the Hollywood Diversity Association is to facilitate the creation of viable opportunities in the film and television sector by bridging the gap between diverse talent and industry decision makers.All funds raised by The Hollywood Diversity Association are received by United Charitable and become the sole property of United Charitable which, for internal operating purposes, allocates the funds to the Project."[Bowen] was born at am, and came into the world just as the sun was rising over the mountains through the window outside the delivery room." MUST SEE: ' Big Brother' Alum Jordan Lloyd Welcomes Her First Child — Find Out His Name! Because he got here early he's spending a few extra days in the NICU...It's down to just two ladies on ABC's hit dating competition series "The Bachelor," and Ben Higgins can't decide between the remaining contestants Jo Jo and Lauren B. It's a brutal look at the distasteful - and gripping - world of reality television production, and Shapiro should know, as a producer over four seasons of Set against the backdrop of the hit dating competition show "Everlasting," "Un REAL" is led by flawed heroine Rachel Goldberg, a young producer whose sole job is to manipulate her relationships with, and among, the contestants to get the vital dramatic and outrageous footage that the program’s dispassionate executive producer, Quinn King, demands.