Sex sells, but in a buyer's market, Cinemax is still trying to differentiate itself.But when MTV no longer plays music videos, it's somehow reassuring that Skinemax still tries to live up to its name.

There came a fateful day — I think it was in 1986 — when the local cable-TV monopoly added Cinemax to its pay-television subscription offerings.

For the first month, every household that subscribed to basic cable got Cinemax free of charge. But as it turned out, one weekend would have been enough. Now, "the good parts" of just about any movie you can name are just a click away, if that's all you really want.

But the crown jewel of the Cinemax After Dark lineup is "Femme Fatales." Taking its title from a long-running entertainment magazine that focused mostly on B-movie actresses and "scream queens," "Femme Fatales" is an anthology series that blends film noir plots and O.

Henry twist endings with the maximum skin After Dark is known for.

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