Luckily, Keke was ready to shed some light at GQ's Men of the Year party Thursday night.

"I always have to break the news to the kids first.

Palmer, however, can’t keep up with everybody’s kissing schedule."I only know » Keke Palmer may not be kissing, but she's definitely telling.

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Today Google released its most searched-for terms in a gamut of fields, including movies, actors, memes, politics, and more.

The results are intriguing, working as a reliable index of what we’re interested in online.

Who will survive the second season of Scream Queens?

With Fox airing the season 2 finale of the horror comedy series tonight, viewers don't have to wait long to find out the answer to that burning question.

"Same mom, different dads." But when his meth addicted mother, Lola, is released from prison determined to rebuild her family, Rey kidnaps his younger brother and escapes their desert home for the California coast, chasing the dream that he let go years ago.

» - Movie Web Constance Zimmer is not a fan of optional cosmetic surgery, as Et found out during a one-on-one sitdown at the Un REAL star's Los Angeles home."I would like to say, right here on Entertainment Tonight that I don't want to do anything to my face, ever," Zimmer, 46, tells Et's Nischelle Turner. I would like to play those characters that get old. Cast: Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin; Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Cathy Munsch; John Stamos as Dr. Romance appears to have spilled off-screen for Scream Queens stars Taylor Lautner and Billie Lourd.

Brock Holt; Kirstie Alley as Nurse Hoffel; Taylor Lautner as Dr.

» - Derek Anderson Well, here’s something Suicide Squad did right!

Lola reveals that she had Rey when she was just a teenager, offering insight into a troubling time from her past life.