Also of Interest: Sandra Bullock Wins Her First Oscar / Sandra Bullock and the Best Actress Oscar Curse, which was based on a true story.

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It takes the idea of positivity to a whole new level.

I counted no fewer than a half-dozen films being touted by different bloggers as "the best film of the year" before I even arrived in Canada.

After dating for more than a year, it seems the Oscar winner and her photographer beau are acting like a bonafide Mr. "They are pretty much married the way they act around each other and the amount of time they share with one another," a source told E! While they are both involved in Hollywood, the two are also parents—a strong personal tie in their relationship.

"The family connection they all share is very deep," the insider added.

That's just the kind of couple they are, especially since Sandra's life was so exposed with her past relationship," the source said, referencing Bullock's previous five-year marriage to Jesse James.

Foster families will say that making their loving family permanent through adoption provides them as many rewards as it provides to their child.

Sadly, in real life, when you release a frightened, wounded animal from a trap, the first thing it usually does is to bite your face off.

I sat down with author Scott Alexander Hess (The Butcher's Sons) to dialogue about fact versus fiction, how violence can be poetic, and what it really means to mine a truly dangerous literary landscape.

Viggo Mortensen co-stars as a major league baseball player and fellow rehab center patient who connects with Bullock on an emotional level.