Beyoncé split with Jay Z for a “lonely year” in 2005 after hearing rumors that he was cheating on her with Rihanna.

That’s one of the spicy revelations in celebrity scourge J.

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Recycling a story that the Daily News reported at the time, Taraborrelli writes that Knowles went after Jay Z because he wanted to party with Rihanna and Beyoncé said no way. ” a drunken Knowles said to her brother-in-law as they left the swanky soiree.

When Jay Z told Beyoncé’s sister to mind her own business, she went wild in the elevator, throwing punches and kicks as a security guard tried to pry her off of him.

Although, we have compassion for Bey’s 4-year-old half-brother Nixon, who had no choice when it came to his parental figures, his mom can still get a job to supplement her income.

Since the “Drink In Love” singer fired her dad as her longtime manager in 2011, not surprisingly, his bank account just hasn’t been the same.

BEYONCE LAUNCHES SEXY TEMPORARY TATTOO COLLECTION Among other things, Taraborrelli — the author of scathing bios of pop stars Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Madonna and others — reports: When Beyoncé was 15 and dating a boy from church who was two years older, her worried mom pulled him aside and asked that he wait until the soon-to-be superstar was 18 before they had sex.

“I can’t make you not have sex,” Tina Knowles told Lyndall Locke. Whether or not he kept his promise is one of the few unanswered questions Taraborrelli’s book.

“He is basically nothing at all — and I mean absolutely nothing — like what you would expect him to be,” one pal told the author.

BEYONCE'S MOTHER TINA KNOWLES-LAWSON SHOWS OFF KILLER CURVES ON COVER OF 'EBONY MAGAZINE “Sure he has the swagger, he has the bad boy vibe, he has the dangerous gangster thing.

And he won’t have to make those reduced payments to his baby mama for another couple years, forcing Alexsandra to foreclose on her L. home, leaving the only option to live in a homeless shelter, she claims.