Who’s Hotter: All girls think Serena is gorgeous, but despite her skinniness Marissa is the more breathtaking of the two. Has a sharp wit and a propensity to punch people in the face if the situation calls for it.

Kind of a loner until he starts dating the rich, troubled girl at school where all her friends sneer at him for the way he dresses.

And as the show progressed the characters seemed to mimic their west coast counterparts pretty damn closely.

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Oliver Trask The Same: Dressed in the latest hyperprep fashions, has parents whose fortunes dwarf the other rich kids at school, but he’s emotionally neglected and ultimately develop deep sociopathic tendencies that culminate in an almost-suicide.

The Difference: They really are exceptionally similar, but Chuck is likable, despite his appetite for the destruction of all those around him.

He’s in love with his ex, can’t control his daughter, he’s a mess.

Sandy, in contrast, is the picture of cool, and oh, those eyebrows.

Constantly causes older men to fall into temptation with her hotness, but ultimately doesn’t do anything over too the line. I can’t name one interesting thing Caitlin did on besides magically age six years overnight. Sandy Cohen The Same: The prototypical “cool dad” who dishes out sage advice, but sometimes fails to live it himself.

The Difference: Rufus is a divorcee and has way too many unresolved issues of his own to be the kind of effective parent.

Oliver’s plotting was just creepy, but when Chuck sets a scheme in motion, it’s downright poetic to watch it unfold.

Who’s Hotter: Chuck, in like the same way that the Joker is hot.

Winner: Chuck (GG: 3, OC: 2) Round 6: Jenny Humphrey vs.

Caitlin Cooper The Same: Little sister that rebels against her parents. She may have gotten all angsty with her bangs and eyeliner, but at least she’s dropping out school, becoming a fashion designer and leading a relatively exciting life. Winner: Jenny (GG: 4, OC: 2) Round 7: Rufus Humphrey vs.

Who’s Hotter: Survey says Summer, even though it’s close.