That is why November is a special month for the academic community, as a celebration of the University of Warsaw, with exhibitions, concerts, lectures and other events.

In 2016, the University will celebrate its 200 it is a time for UW student celebrations during the Juvenalia festival.

Although each faculty does it somewhat differently, almost always the students will put on academic robes and caps, which they will throw into the air when the official part draws to a close.

During the opening ceremony, the Rector presents student books to the first-year students who have scored the highest marks in the admission process.

the University of Warsaw’s founding date is considered to be 19 November 1816, when Alexander I (the then tsar of Russia and king of Poland) issued a decree to establish the university (konieczny link do zakładki historycznej).

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The majority of Polish Jews lived in the merchant districts of Muranów, Powązki, and Stara Praga, while most ethnic Germans and Russians lived in Śródmieście as well as in Powązki.

The Jewish community was the most prominent there, constituting over 88% of the inhabitants of Muranów; with the total of about 32,7% of the population of the left-bank and 14,9% of the right-bank Warsaw, or 332,938 people in total according to 1931 census.Along with the advancing Wehrmacht, the Einsatzgruppe EG IV and the Einsatzkommandos rolled into town.On November 7, 1939, the Reichsführer-SS reorganized them into local security service (SD).First semester, 1.10.2016– The academic year starts with an official ceremony at the beginning of October.A procession with the Rector, Vice-Rectors and members of the UW Senate walks from Kazimierzowski Palace – which houses the offices of the UW authorities – to the University’s largest hall, the Adam Mickiewicz Assembly Hall in the Auditorium Maximum building.In the summer of 1942 at least 254,000 Ghetto residents were sent to the Treblinka extermination camp during Großaktion Warschau under the guise of "resettlement in the East" over the course of the summer.