Whether it's leggings, neon, crop-tops or side ponytails, some trend from the... And boys, while we fully endorse ditching those baggy, saggy jeans, there i...

(Pacific Coast News)It's pretty much a universal fact that guys love how women look wearing one of their old T-shirts.

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The suffix –ton means a settlement or farmstead in Old English, indicating that the settlement has pre-Conquest origins.

It has been suggested that Warburton was the site of an Anglo-Saxon burgh or defended settlement, possibly either called "Toppingburgh" or Weard byrig, established by Aethelflaed, Queen of the Mercians, in 915 during the wars with the Vikings.

Decidedly less sexy, however, is when men borrow hair accessories from their bett...

Michael Phelps, Adam Levine, Michael Cera (Bauer Griffin, Fame Flynet Pictures) Recent pictures of a mustache-sporting Adam Levine left us asking one question: Why Adam, why?

Psy, Derek Warburton, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Duane Chapman (Getty, Pacific Coast News, Bauer Griffin)For every well-tailored suit out there, there seems to be at least one pair of Day Glo trouse...

Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas (Fame Flynet Pictures, Getty)Women are experts at sharing.

Emily is also not afraid to say how she feels, with the stewardess expressing her dislike to the love hate relationship between Ben and chief stewardess - and his ex - Kate Chastain during the season finale.

Kate has not always been the biggest supporter of 'Bemily' but has been by Ben's side for a long time, however, Emily questioned Ben's sometimes bad behaviour towards Kate, leading to a drunken row between the longtime friends.

Not only are they 'hanging out' the couple regularly work together on private events and even share a little pied-à-terre in Florida for when the two nomads are both in America - Emily is still based in the UK - and are not working.