Design verification and validation is an important phase in the design and production cycle of every product.Verification and Validation of designs and testing before the real manufacturing of products ensures the product design is right the first time.This also significantly reduces the time and cost involved in prototype building and testing.

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This article provides a checklist of best practices on verifying documented requirements – essentially the “function” of the BRD.

Much has been said about verifying and validating the solution during testing at the end of a project. Essentially in this model, the systems analyst verifies the solution to the specification followed by the business analyst/stakeholders validating the solution to the documented and approved requirements (assumes a waterfall approach).

Once “function” has been assured, “form” can be addressed as a second step of the verification.

Note that requirements verification needs be followed by a stakeholder validation and a system analysis feasibility review.

Note that there is no order given for the questions; in practice the questions are considered simultaneously.

This checklist provides questions to verify that the “function” of the documented requirements follow best practices.

Testing engineers thus needs a right blend of product knowledge, end-user/functional knowledge as well as skills on latest testing tools and technologies.

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