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The goal is not to play with the Linux files, with the risk of damaging the system and thus the router, but to install useful programs very simply with packages exactly as you would do it for on a "pure" Debian system.

For example, you could be interested in installing the great Open VPN tool used to build site-to-site SSL VPNs.

CONFIGURATIONS: Let's follow the steps to install a piece of software: Log in with the root user.

If you are connected on the Vyatta router platform, log off with the "exit" command. Check the Debian version you have: 4.0 We have a Debian version 4.0, also called "Etch". "main" means that the software inside the repository is free and open source.

When compared to the equivalent port density on a traditional chassis based router--or even high-end fixed form machine- the cost per Gbps is without peer.

Establish secure site-to-site connections and ensure protected network access for remote users with embedded SSL-based functionality and IPsec remote access. Just provision a Brocade v Router on an installed and licensed server and hypervisor and In seconds you’ll be speeding application delivery wherever it’s needed the most, anywhere in the cloud.With 80 Gbps of virtual networking throughput it has set a new benchmark for all software-based routers, while offering easy scalability, a broad set of capabilities, and the peace of mind that comes with rock solid reliability.With Brocade v Plane™ technology you get hardware-like routing performance in a software-based network appliance.Get:1 openvpn 2.0.9-4 [337k B] Fetched 337k B in 21s (15.9k B/s) Preconfiguring packages ... In my earlier article, I explained how to setup a tunnel to Hurricane Electric, but at the time I hadn’t completely figured out how to make it automatically update the tunnel endpoint address if you have a dynamic address.Screenshots Prerequisites Tutorial Vyatta Vyatta & Cisco Commands Vyatta/Cisco/Quagga Comparison (Quagga section) Case Study 1 - Static routes (VC 2.0) Case Study 2 - OSPF simple (VC 2.0) Case Study 3 - OSPF advanced (VC 2.0) Case Study 4 - BGP (VC 3.0) Case Study 5 - VRRP (VC 2.2) Case Study 6 - NAT (VC 2.0) Case Study 7 - DHCP (VC 2.2) Case Study 8 - IPSec (VC 2.2) Case Study 9 - Packages (VC 3.0) Case Study 10 - Bridging (VC 3.0) Case Study 11 - CDP VC 3.0 PRINCIPLE: As already indicated in the introduction page, the Vyatta router runs over a Debian platform.