I was gifted this at Christmas and to be completely honest, did not use it a lot for the first few months, mainly because I didn't have the time to work out how to make the most of it.But then came along Netflix, and I now use Apple TV everyday.

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Renting movies without having to leave the house is a huge plus, especially in winter!

The best feature/use of this is to view my photos and videos on my TV without any physical connection.

This make showing off my photos to family and friends really easy.

The introduction of Netflix has now made this my GO-TO everyday device to stream on-demand content.

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Unfortunately the device does not support easy transfer of movies on your laptop to the device/tv (without special apps to do so).

The airplay function for movies from a laptop to your TV can also be quite choppy and I would consider these unwatchable, however if you want to airplay Youtube or photos from a mobile device, this works seamlessly.

I also find now that I barely watch freeview TV as with the multitude of apps that now exist on Apple TV, the programming is just genuinely better.

Using apps like Netflix or Stan is an absolute breeze, and you can have a TV show or movie up and running within less than a minute.

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