Updating your hosts file is a way to preview your site as it will load from Host My Site's web server.Modifying this file tells your computer to ignore the existing DNS settings for the site, and instead to only look for the website on the IP you specify.

Do not remove any existing lines, such as the default localhost line, when updating the hosts file.

An example of the new lines to add is below: Once the hosts file has been updated, save your changes and browse to your domain’s URL to see the content on the new server and to continue to develop your site.

The hosts file is a file on your computer which maps hostnames to IP addresses.

The hosts file is a text file that can be opened or modified in any text editor, such as Notepad or Wordpad.

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Using a HOSTS file change is done for the purpose of "tricking" your computer into thinking it's looking at a website differently from what it would normally do (you're basically changing the IP address it would normally resolve the website to).You could also modify multiple computers, but this is only supposed to be a temporary matter to let you work on a website while leaving the live one up and running.If you want immediate help on the issue, you are also welcome to utilize technical support via phone or chat.This will cause the line to be ignored when the file is utilized.Hello Robert, Unfortunately, you have given very little information by which to go by.These two lines will contain both the IP address to which you want the site to resolve and your domain name.