The GTX 1060 needs an additional dedicated power supply of 300W.

updating ft 11r-6

If you look closely, you will find the shortwave radio built by my uncle and his oscilloscope. The Funcube dongle and the QFH on the roof are a good combination to receive signals from satellites.

he only electronical circuit I built which was working was this RS-232 computer radio interface.

I was very happy to meet Clay, IK0XCB, (yes, the Morse champion) in person at the Chalet of HB9FPO who recommended me to use Morse Runner, which is fantastic software, very realistic sounds like in HF! Mobile with Yaesu FT-1D with Fusion and Hytera PD365 for DMR.

I did my first QSO in CW in November 2015 with SN15WJK, evviva! I recently bought a Mini VNA BT vector network analyzer so that I can start to build antennas (see 6m delta loop, QFH, and "bolt"-balun down under..).

QTH in Poschiavo, Switzerland, small valley in the Alps close to the Bernina massive, 1111 meters above sea level.

We speak Italian in this beautiful valley located southern of Grigioni close to St. We eat well like in Italy and live close to the mountains like in the Himalaya :-) This is the vertical antenna and the dipole (photo taken on 23 March 2014): If you plan holidays, come and stay to the hotel of my friend HB9FPO for a fair price, with a transceiver in each room and plenty of antennas on the roof, see more.

I also acquired the Funcube USB dongle wich is very versatile (0.15 microvolt sensitivity, the other radios have about 0.2).

Power supply for mobile operations: Mini Start Booster.

On air starting from December 2013 with a Kenwood TS-480-SAT (100W version with integrated antenna tuner), two 18m dipole (IW2EN 1X35-9) separated by about 90 degrees at about lambda/2 above ground, a homebrew delta loop for the magic band and a self-built QFH (quadrifilar helix) for weather satellites. Tigertronics USB Signalink for digital modes (RTTY, PSK31, PSK63 and JT65).

I started to learn Morse (the BAKOM dropped the requirement for a morse exam at the time when I did it). Following advice of HB9FBQ, I am now on Learn CW Online.

As I was schooled with an old system, where we did triangulations on a map with needle and thread shouting directions with the gas mask, I ended mounting big antennas for triangulations when the new computerized system came into action.