Then you can configure your settings like Game Cube Audio Fix, Wii Region Free, Drive Read Speed and Update Blocker for import games.

It also worked fine with homebrew discs, GCOS Multi Game discs and legal backups.

Nintendo Wii U Drive Kay modchip has all the features which one expects from a high end chip and has compatibility with all the drives available in the market.

The oldest photo I can find online of these chips is this one, dated November 17, 2006: Note that this is the first revision of each chip — called simply “Broadway” and “Hollywood”.

Protip: We can tell that the Hollywood chip was made in the 32nd week of 2006 (“0632”) and the Broadway chip was made in the 31st week (“0631”) — so, August or so.

I think Sony has most actively revised their designs — aren’t there something like 30 revs of the PS1, 15 revs of the PS2, and several of the PSP and PS3?

Microsoft had 5 or 6 revs of the Xbox1, and 3 of the Xbox360.

There are two ways for installing Nintendo Wii U mods.

First, by using the Wasabi Clip-on Adapter for the CPU and second, by soldering the chip on to the main-board.Wii U Drive Kay modchip has a lot of common features which some other chips available also boasts about but due to its wireless installations and its clip-on adapter it provides a good option to the customers.It is one of the high end modchips which you can go for without giving any second thought.Nintendo Wii U Hacks, Mods, Chips and Backup Copier Tools Introduction Wii U Drive Kay modchip, a completely solderless solution for equipping your Wii with a drivechip.A drivechip allows you to boot all your backups, games and homebrew discs which you have kept for storage purposes.Unfortunately, not many people share my same sick fascination with taking their expensive consoles apart and photographing them, so it’s hard to find photos of a wide range of chips online.