It was located geographically down the hill in lower Mankato.

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During the post World War II period, student enrollment expanded greatly.

The original university buildings were then located in what was known as the Wilson Campus.

In relation to this focus on women's education, Mankato Normal School is noted as the first public college in the United States to be headed by a woman, suffragette Julia Sears, in 1872.

By 1921, the school had grown significantly to the point that it began to offer 4 year bachelor's degrees.

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is a public comprehensive university located in Mankato, Minnesota.Through the College of Extended Learning it provides bachelor's degrees at the Normandale Partnership Center and programs online through an online campus.In 1866 it authorized the development of a state run normal school and Mankato was selected for the site.By the late 1950s work began on constructing an entirely new, modern campus atop the river valley bluff. A new experimental elementary school was built on the Highland Campus to research and apply new teaching methods.By 1957, the mission of the institution had broadened to comprehensive 4-year college education, the state legislature changed the name of the college to Mankato State College.This page is here to help you find out more information about college dance teams across the country.