"I used to think there was such a separation between my personal life and business life," Ruby says.

But even in this always-on, hyper-connected world, in-person communication trumps digital messages when it comes to keeping clients (and love interests) engaged and happy."I was totally wrong on this one and thought texting and emailing would suffice. You actually make it harder on yourself and the relationship by turning it into a long distance relationship when it doesn’t have to be."Related: How My Life as an Entrepreneur Shaped My Time in Prison Just because you may be successful in one area of your life -- such as your business -- it doesn't mean success in your personal life will come easy."People automatically assume that if you are a woman in business who has reached a certain level of success, you have everything together," Ruby says.

"As leaders, we need to come out and admit that we don’t always have it together.

"Even if every episode did not show my most glowing moments," she continues, "I at least showed other women that you can be successful in one area of your life and totally unsuccessful in other areas -- in my case, love."In many ways, romantic relationships mirror professional ones.

When a client wants to talk about the future or go in a different direction, you are about to be fired, Ruby says.

"That piqued my interest." Related: 3 Critical Lessons ' The Walking Dead' Taught Me About Startups Over the course of about a year, Bravo's TV crew followed Ruby and Goldman around Manhattan and Ruby's hometown in Westchester County, N. Unfortunately, they weren't destined to be more than just friends.

Goldman eventually got back together with an ex-girlfriend, and Ruby is back to work and also working on herself -- personally and as an entrepreneur."[The show] was a tremendous growing opportunity," Ruby says.For on-the-go entrepreneurs, finding love isn't easy.When every waking hour is spent growing a business and chasing your dream, how the heck are you supposed to squeeze in time for anyone else?"I thought I could juggle everything and keep clients happy while filming, but I learned that it was nearly impossible to do it all."Just like with personal relationships, if you let things build up in business relationships for too long without any attention, the relationship will sour."I now realize that it’s the relationship that keeps the client happy in addition to all of the work.She and longtime friend Alex Goldman -- an entrepreneur himself, having started Five Senses Catering in New York City -- starred on Bravo's TV show.