— and I already see that without the ads you can often see one more row of information without having to scroll, which is nice and I think is worth a dollar.

tripit not updating on iphone-72

The Trip It app is free (as noted below there is also a $0.99 version) but to use it you need to sign up for an account.

The Trip It website offers both a free account and a $49/year Trip It Pro account.

For example, earlier this year, I traveled to Chicago to speak at ABA TECHSHOW.

I took a flight from New Orleans to Chicago, stayed at the Chicago Hilton, and then my family met me up there and we all took the overnight train back home from Chicago to New Orleans.

Simply forward confirmations to [email protected] we’ll do the rest.

Access all your flights, hotels, car rentals, activities, maps and more on your WP7.I never found the ads obnoxious, so the free version may be all that you need, but frankly I didn't even realize there was a paid version of this app until I started to write this review.I just downloaded it a few minutes ago — why not pay a buck for something so useful?(Trip It understands emails from over 200 airlines, over 200 hotels, over 60 rental car companies — just about every service you are likely to use.) It also understands that when travel occurs at the same time that it should organize trips.Thus, if you forward an email with plane travel on the 1st and the 4th, a hotel during those same dates, and a car rental during those same dates, Trip It automatically puts it all together into one trip.Does not offer the ability to import an itinerary and you have to manually add each and every detail. and that something is My Trips app, they continue to improve their app. Just loads gives the message that its updating account data and then exits every time. Displays that it's loading account data and then after a second or two just exits to the main screen with no message.