Both Ryan and Hillary Clinton supported the failed Mc Cain-Kennedy 2007 amnesty plan.

In fact, in a December address at the National Immigrant Integration Conference, Clinton touted her support for the Chamber of Commerce-backed immigration agenda, which would have resulted in an explosion of low-skilled workers to compete for American jobs and drive down wages.

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Dating back to his time as a Capitol Hill staffer in the mid-90s, Ryan was part of the effort to derail the bipartisan immigration curbs inspired by Civil Rights leader and late-Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.

In 2013, Ryan actively campaigned on behalf of Marco Rubio and Barack Obama’s amnesty and immigration expansion plan. Ryan’s omnibus spending bill also funded visas for nearly 300,000 Muslim migrants for this year alone.

Open borders seeps out of every pore of his being …

Ryan is the heart and soul of crony capitalism.” Similarly, Hillary Clinton has called for expanding Muslim refugee resettlement, enacting amnesty, and massively increasing the number of foreign workers admitted into the country.

“This is the party of Lincoln, of Reagan, of Jack Kemp,” Ryan said.

“We don’t always nominate a Lincoln or a Reagan every four years, but we hope that our nominee aspires to be Lincoln and Reagan-esque and that that person advances the principles of our Party and appeals to a wide vast majority of Americans.” Tapper did not press Ryan on the fact that Trump has won more popular votes this primary election cycle than Mitt Romney did in all of 2012.“We could add hundreds of billions of dollars to our GDP by passing comprehensive immigration reform, which is why people across the political spectrum from labor unions to the U. Chamber of Commerce supported the 2013 senate bill,” Clinton said.During her December speech, Clinton heaped praise upon Rep.As House Speaker, Ryan passed an omnibus spending bill which included a massive increase in the number of low-skilled foreign workers to fill U. “Open borders is in his ideological DNA,” Roy Beck, the president of the immigration control group Numbers USA, has explained.“He’s an ideologue and has spent his whole life working for ideologues.It is certainly not our duty to let in everybody who wants to come to this country …