Therefore, adolescents, teens, and 20-somethings are unable to apply for a restraining order for protection from the abuser.

It becomes a problem when teens cannot even rely on the law to protect them from this violence.

Eighth grader Ashlyn Ellgass says when the group were looking for a cause to focus their Destination Imagination project on, they heard of a horrific case where a guy poured lighter fluid down a girl’s throat.

And now, a new bill is being proposed that would create a work group to analyze current policies and find a better way to implement dating violence programs in Texas public schools.

Their small PSA project has turned into potentially changing the laws in the states on domestic violence awareness in schools, but the girls told reporter Hannah Smothers they hope their endeavors will also create more awareness amongst their peers about the prevalence of teen dating violence.

25% of high school girls have been abused physically or sexually, and are more likely to contract an STD or carry an unwanted pregnancy.

Violent behavior often starts somewhere between 6th-12th grade, and the wost part of these statistics is that 8 states in the US today do not consider a violent dating relationship domestic abuse.

The NFL has been called into question for their seeming lack of awareness and punishment for these crimes committed.

We see documentaries such as HBO’s ‘Private Violence‘ and read accounts of women who have been through horrific situations which prove domestic violence is a very complex matter.Domestic violence has been a huge topic in the media over the past year.We’ve seen how certain high-profile football players’ lives have been examined because of the abuse of their wives and partners.In all of these stories we hear an adult perspective and when we read about the statistics on intimate partner violence, it is often in the case of adults. Teen dating violence is a very serious issue, because if you think about it, a lot of abusive behavior and patterns of abuse start in perpetrators at a very young age, often influences by their own upbringing and their environment.It only makes sense to tackle this issue at the root, before they carry this crime into adulthood.“We found that there were multiple cases where the boyfriend was abusing the girlfriend.