READ MORE Legendary tv icon Alan Thicke has passed away at the age of 69.Thicke’s publicist, Monique Moss, confirmed the news of “Alan’s sudden passing,” and said “we have no further details.”TMZ first reported Thicke’s sudden and ?According to Robinson in several interviews, she went to her En Vogue sisters to voice her concern that they were working too hard to not have a dime to show for it.

She told it all- from back stabbing stories, to who was sleeping with the producer, and she even referred to them as “skanks”…geesh!

So I guess it’s safe to say that Maxine isn’t really feelin’ her former best friends, Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron right about now.

No other female group could compete with their vocal performance and style.

From the outside looking in, the funky divas of En Vogue were living the dream millions of starving artists would sell their soul for.

She claims Denzil was famous for saying, “Before I see this successful without me I’d rather tear it apart.” And, Maxine says that’s what he did.

Well if you didn’t know, and have been hiding under a rock for the past 30 years, Lionel Richie has 2 beautiful daughters, Nicole Richie, 35, and Sofia Richie, 18. READ MORE Jamie Foxx has always kept thing pretty private when it involves his personal relationship.

Attractive artists who lip synced over the vocals of hidden, mystery studio vocalists were out and real women who could blow were in.

It was unfortunate, however, that En Vogue could not survive the industry-girl-group-curse that has destroyed so many of the greats like the Supremes and Destiny’s Child.

The fourth original member, Dawn Robinson, wasn’t caught in the crossfire of Maxine’s verbal shots about the the group, because she left a long time ago and never officially rejoined them (other than a few performances here and there).“There’s been a long standing divide between us,” she reveals.