In 2001 the family of punk singer lan Durie unveiled a solar-powered bench dedicated to the star in Richmond Park.

sitting in a tree dating london-19

A popular style of bench which endured well into the twentieth century was made of wooden slats fitted round a curving S-shaped metal frame.

This type of slatted bench features on many comic postcards, which show unwary sitters getting up from a newly painted bench with fresh paint stripes on their clothing.

Many of the mature trees in our parks are now well over 100 years old and increasingly vulnerable to high winds.

In some woodland areas, the trunks from fallen trees have been carved into basic seating.

Not to be outdone, famous dogs also have their own Dog Walk of Fame in Battersea Park.

Unveiled by the Kennel club in November 2007, this takes the form of a plaque and bench for each dog, sited around the park's bandstand, honouring such canine stars as lassie and Gromit.

"All the information is kept on a database so that the park can contact the donor in case of damage or problems.

So it works well." Further information The two styles of bench used in Battersea park.

The cast-iron bench design (left) was at its height during the mid 19th century. The design for the Battersea Park cast-iron bench was copied from this photograph, brought back to life for the restoration of the park.