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Scammer claims that her English is not so good and needs you to pay for translation services.

She wishes to correspond with you but is poor and needs you to send her money to pay for email services.

At this site, you will be asked to provide personal information - address, phone number, documents numbers, bank account details etc.

Father died, left her money but she needs a secure account to put it in and offers 50% to use yours.

She always asks you to contact her via her private e-mail address.

She changes her e-mail address during correspondence. Her profile says she is from the USA, UK or any other country, while in her letter she says she is from Russia, Nigeria etc. Most scammers use photos of professional models/celebrities or photos of beautiful women they have stolen from the Net.She sends pre-written letters - the same that known scammers have written before.She addresses you by the wrong name (or the letter is not written to you at all).She will send you the money orders and ask you to deposit them into your bank account and then wire the money to her via Western Union.Scammer claims to be from the USA, for example, but is in Africa on business, working for UNICEF or any other organization, visiting parents/friends/relatives etc.For your meeting with her in her city she might want to arrange everything, asking you to send money so she can have lodging and transportation taken care of before you arrive. She needs money for a webcam to communicate with you in video chat, or a camera to take new photos for you, maybe a laptop so she can write to you at any time etc.