'He sent me and my mother to stay with relatives in Los Angeles so he could liquidate things, and when we came back he had sold all our furniture, our colour television and both cars, and we had no air-conditioning.

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It turns out Shakira had a VERY good reason for canceling those upcoming performances.

A week ago, the songstress announced she had to abruptly back out of her appearances at the Latin Grammys and the American Music Awards, which are both happening later this week.

At 13, having pressed a demo-tape on a Sony executive in a Barranquilla hotel lobby, she acquired a three-album deal.

Although she had a number-one single in Colombia, sales of the first two albums were disappointing.

'You can’t achieve anything in life without a small amount of sacrifice.’ Second, she is friendly and considerate – a rare thing in superstar circles.

Third, the fact that, in these tropical temperatures, not a bead of sweat mars her perfect brow indicates that she is, quite possibly, superhuman. As she’s been famous in her native Colombia since the age of 13, I’d dismissed her as South America’s Britney Spears with an overexposed navel and a penchant for ridiculous lyrics ('Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don’t confuse them with mountains’, went her pan-piping international hit Whenever, Wherever). With 40 million record sales behind her, Shakira makes comparable Spanish-English 'crossover’ acts such as Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias seem like minnows.On Tuesday, the singer took to Instagram to reveal her 21-month old son, Sasha, had been sick, which probably explains those last-minute cancellations.The gorgeous gal shared a sweet snap with her baby boy (above), but thankfully dished that he's happy and healthy once again!Normally, child stars are the puppets of pushy stage parents.But the way Shakira tells it she was always in the driving seat.The only child of a Lebanese jeweller (with eight children from his first marriage) and his Colombian second wife, she was born in Barranquilla, an industrial city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.