by Archbishop James Ussher of Ireland and placed in the margins of said Bibles in the 18th century.Scholars have determined that Hebrew, which possesses 22 letters is probably a "descendant" of ancient Northwest Semitic of the 18th-15th centuries B.

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C., his writing would be in a form known as Proto-Sinaitic, found on stone tablets in the Southern Sinai in association with Egyptian mining areas of the 15th century B.

(also found in Canaan in earlier centuries, the 17th-15th B.

1 Kings 6:1) why are letters from Shechem (where Joshua assmbled the tribes to swear loyalty to Yahweh, Joshua 8) being writing in a Canaanite dialect and NOT IN HEBREW?

The "oldest" example of Hebrew from an archaeological context is of the 10th century B.

Professional scholars versed in ancient Hebrew, Canaanite, Aramaic, Akkadian, Egyptian and other languages have pointed out the problem.

Meanwhile the Proto-Sinaitic texts, which had been rather isolated, were joined by early alphabetic inscriptions from Syro-Palestine which were clearly earlier or later than the Proto-Sinaitic forms.

"There are many Hebrew words in the Amarna letters.

said date being found in King James Bibles and computed ca.

Since these new finds could be dated archaeologically to the Late Middle Bronze (Gezer, Lachish) or the Late Bronze Age (Shechem, Lachish, etc.), they served to confirm Petries dating of the Proto-Sinaitic material in the 15th century B.