They inspire children to be lifelong learners using our nationally recognized curriculum that promotes social, physical, verbal, and cognitive development.

Our Teachers are committed to making their center successful and know that creating meaningful relationships with children, families, and their team play a crucial role in that success.

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From our National Support Center, to the classrooms where learning comes to life, we’re united by a passion to create a world of learning, joy and adventure for more than 161,000 children ages six-weeks through 12 years every day.

Our Teachers bring warmth, patience, and understanding to the classroom every day, encouraging children to learn and grow.

Kinder Care Education is the nation’s leader in early childhood education.

We nourish curiosity through purposeful experiences to create a future full of lifelong learners.

Offenders included on the site will be currently incarcerated in an Ohio Prison, currently under Department supervision, judicially released, or dead of natural causes while incarcerated.

Results will display a photo of the offender, an offender number, date of birth, status and offense. Visit the online catalog to search for books, government documents, dvds or other items on the subject, or contact a librarian using the Ask A Librarian form.

A good analysis of this very unusual spring is provided here (What's up with the Spring 2012 Ruby-throat migration? In addition, this past winter saw greater numbers of Ruby-throats in the southern U. Scroll down past the maps to view a continuation of the spring arrival data, which shows very few reports throughout much of April, then an explosion of arrivals the first week of May.

Most years there are increasing numbers of reports through the last half of April.

It is provided by the United States Department of Justice, managed by the Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking (SMART), and authorized by the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

Users of the website can search by name, address, zip code, state/county, or city/town.

Kinder Care Education employs more than 32,000 team members across 1,700 locations nationwide.