Tito was murdered by Hunter, who fatally beat him in the head with a bat and stabbed him multiple times in the chest and stomach.

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One week before the murders, Victorino fired a gun in a car near the home on Telford Lane.

That gun was supposed to be used for the murders, but the suspects couldn't find enough ammunition, so they rounded up about 15 baseball bats from neighborhood children instead.

Victorino contended that the size-12 bloody boots presented at trial were his, someone must have stolen them from him before committing the murders.

Hunter was also found guilty of first-degree murder of all six victims, conspiring to commit aggravated battery, tampering with physical evidence, abuse of a dead human body, and armed burglary of a dwelling.

The four attackers, Their motive was revenge on Erin Belanger, who evicted one of the attackers from her grandmother's house, and the recovery of belongings including an Xbox game console.

A jury found Troy Victorino, Robert Cannon, Jerone Hunter, and Michael Salas guilty of the massacre in August 2006. Parsons upheld the jury's death penalty recommendation and called the killings "conscienceless" and "unnecessarily torturous." He told each of the men during back-to-back sentencing hearings, "You have not only forfeited your right to live among us, you have forfeited your right to live at all." The attackers had also intended to kill another person who happened not to be at the house.

Cannon was sentenced to six life terms without parole for the murders, life for armed burglary of a dwelling with a weapon, five years for conspiracy to commit aggravated battery, murder, armed burglary of a dwelling and tampering with physical evidence, 15 years each for five counts of abuse of a dead human body, and five years for cruelty to an animal.

Belanger, Ayo-Roman, Nathan, and Vega were four friends who worked together at Burger King and rented the Telford Lane home.

The trial came to an end on August 2, 2006, when 7th Circuit Judge William Parsons sentenced Victorino and Hunter to death by lethal injection, and Cannon and Salas to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Victorino and Hunter are carrying out their sentences in one-person cells on Death Row at the Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida.

Jonathan Gleason was on the recliner when the men stormed the house, and was fatally stabbed in the neck by Hunter.