DUI: dating while under the influence…of the quest for love…is costly to countless people. It all begins with a phony profile that grabs the victim’s attention. …mitting it [getting rooked] would mean admitting you’re a sap.” And in this day of rapidly evolving cyber technology, the huckster’s job is becoming easier, what with all sorts of pathways he can snag a victim, such as dating sites and pop-up ads warning your computer has been infected.

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A person who runs a racy dating site might take your image and use it to advertise his service.

Scams Someone might use, without your knowledge, a photo of your…

To learn more about what organizations are doing to tackle attacks and threats we surveyed a group of 300 IT and infosec professionals to find out what their biggest IT security challenges are and what they're doing to defend against today's threats.

One thing I always hated about Mophie battery packs was the long dongle needed to enjoy music.

To feel cool To get a crush’s attention To make a relationship seem more serious To harass the recipient Peer pressure ATTENTION, SHOCK, AWE, SEX.

Before the advent of sexting, teens talked sex and even shared racy photos with each other. 0 million: The amount people were ripped off by online dating scams in a year.Information Week's 2016 US IT Salary Survey found that the median base salary for IT workers remained flat this year.However, some positions are commanding much higher median salaries than other roles.…m someone claiming to be from Microsoft or some other tech giant, claiming your computer has a virus, is a scam.The scam includes background noise that sounds like a busy call center. Dating Never give money to someone you met through an online dating service.There are many reasons someone might right-click on your image and “Save image as…” Porn, Sex and Dating Sites A woman might steal your blog headshot and use it for her dating site profile.