Added it on Domain Controller that resides on the same site (and LAN) as pc.GPRESULT -R doesn't show the membership of the new group. The sync is not involved I guess as soon as the pc and DC are on the same subnet without any traffic and 1Gb network.

security group membership not updating-33

Isthere anyway to force this update without logging out and back in again?

AD administrators often have the requirement to manage local group memberships of Windows workstations and servers from on a central way.

The results show that while it is possible to update the token used to authenticate external resource access, a group policy refresh does not use the updated group membership for policy processing.

This demonstrates that it is possible to force an update to the Kerberos tickets containing the Privilege Attribute Certificate details of computer domain account group membership, and subsequently access file based resources with the updated token.

The members of this domain group can be managed central in AD and allows e. supporter accounts to have local administrator permissions on all Windows computers, without knowing the Domain Administrator password or being member of the „Domain Admins“ group.

All existing members in the local „Administrators“ group should stay.All previous members have been replaced by this new members.Windows computers refresh and apply group policies on changes per default every 90 minutes with a random offset of 0 to 30 minutes. Needless to say, that is possible in self-created GPOs and OU-level, too.: The AD domain group „SAMDOM\Wks Admins“ should be added to the local „Administrators“ group on all computers in the domain (workstations and server).This article provides instructions on configuring the SYNERGIX AD Client Extensions Kerberos Tickets Management feature to refresh Kerberos Tickets soon after the user or computer object security group membership is updated.