Similar to what happens when you double click the home button for fast app switching.I might still go that route, I was just hoping for something that would allow more right on each page. You can add up to 10 per page (at least on my i Phone, I wonder if it's more on my i Pad). You have to purchase an entire kit (hd, kb, mouse, DVD,...) just to run linux on there :( A good point.

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Rupert grint dating emma video

The illustrations included are to convey the function ONLY. Apple has filed a gazillion applications for patents.

Some never see the light of day and NONE of them (that include illustrations) give any real visual clues to final designs.

That said, we all know Apple will put out something that looks and functions very well. I'm just hoping they do it in time for the holidays shopping season.4.3.0 sucks bad.

Gyroscope isn't recognized by apps that need it, which is a huge bug.

I get upset when I see Emma ending a relationship and starting another.

Will she ever realize that the perfect guy has always been so close?

Also crap battery life, facetime issues, and other assorted annoyances. Not sure what "issues" you're having, but I've had 4.3 (never seen it called "4.3.0" since there's no such thing, Math 101), but I don't have gyro issues, and my battery life is fantastic.

I can't say I use facetime much, but when I have I've had no issues.

I would like to start a movement (do not know exactly how) to sensitize filmmakers to make a movie with Rupert and Emma as a couple! If you can not (or will not) be a couple in real life, they are at least in the movies!