Please click HERE to review the official Call for Papers.For any questions concerning the technical programme, please contact the Programme Chair Giorgio Di Natale (LIRMM, FR)Email: This session invites poster submissions on novel systems-on-chips for Io T applications.The most successful topics in terms of submissions received were: For the 20th successive year DATE has prepared an exciting technical programme.

This verticalization allows them to make cross-layer architectural changes more rapidly than would the old horizontal model.

[...] TUESDAY Lunchtime (Session 3.0 – - ) Abstract: As we witness the relentless growth of computing power, storage capacity and communication bandwidth, we also see a major trend in bio-medical sciences to become more quantitative and amenable to benefit from the support of electronic systems.

In 2017, the DATE conference will celebrate its 20th edition!

It will take place from 27 to 31 March, 2017, at the Swiss Tech Convention Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland, and will be chaired by Professor David Atienza (EPFL, CH).

Furthermore, it encourages proposals for Special Sessions, Tutorials, Friday Workshops, European Projects, University Booth, Ph D Forum and Exhibition Theatre.

Special attention and consideration will be given to Special Session proposals matching this year’s technical programme and exhibition focus on Internet of Things (Io T), smart wearable electronics, energy-efficient cloud computing and advanced robotics applications.

After all the world has been irrevocably changed by the pervasive connectivity and computing capability we have enabled.

Today's smart devices are just the beginning of an avalanche of "intelligence" that will be enabled by the internet of things and further change our lives for the better.

TUESDAY OPENING CEREMONY (Session 1.1) Abstract: The AI and Io T revolutions are twin phenomena that are reshaping business models, industries, and society.

If we are to maximize their potential, we must overcome significant technical challenges with the help of the Design Automation and Test Community.

[...] Abstract: The Cloud is causing a major shift in both the business ecosystem and system infrastructures.