Being part of the "4 in Love" band required Yang to change her name from Cheng Lin to "Rainie".

Career After playing the supporting roles in several dramas (including the mega hit Meteor Garden, she landed the starring role (Qi Yue) in the CTV drama Devil beside you opposite Mike He.

Devil beside you proved to be very popular, and Rainie's career really took off.

When she turned 20, she expressed that she wants to change her "cute" image and start to make more mature productions, on screen and in music as well.

She's been hosting various tv shows, currently "Wo Cai, Wo Cai, Wo Cai Cai Cai" (我猜我猜我猜猜猜 / GUESS, GUESS, GUESS).

She got her nickname "Rainie" as the other band members were "Sunnie", "Cloudie" and "Windie".

She was the youngest of th Biography Born in Taiwan, she lived in Hong Kong for a while, where she started to play in tv commercials.Now she's coming back to the musical scene as she released her first album in 2005 (My Intuition) with SONY-BMG.Most people think that even if she does not have an exceptional voice, her personality and cuteness makes her really good entertainer, and has a big fan base.First came the release of her 10th studio album Traces of Time in Love, a lyrical and contemplative compilation of new songs that plays homage to her long career and riffs beautifully using her distinctive voice.Now comes her first TW-drama in five years as she headlines the second installment of the .The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.