Frind said the site earns considerable revenue from ads and subscriptions.

The surge in smartphone use has mirrored the significant spike seen among users logging on to the site remotely.

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It's been a steady ascent for the homegrown startup which CEO and founder Markus Frind launched from his Vancouver apartment in 2003.

While there are plenty of web-based services now available to help forge potential romantic connections, the online landscape was drastically different when Frind created Plenty Of Fish -- and not just with respect to dating.

I requested a new password and was told that my email address was not registered. T.s made a good point: Are we reviewing the dating site or the people using the dating site?

24 hours after being on the site, I went to log in and received the message that my login or password was incorrect. I never get a message from about a Plenty of Fish event happing at a bar in the city I live in. So there should be at least on Plenty of Fish event happening at a bar in the city that I live in.

Police say Collins was lured outside where Avery and Butler waited, resulting in the shooting death of Collins.

Collins' brother, Chad Collins, was wounded during the shooting.

All four suspects were charged with murder and aggravated assault.

According to authorities, Jordan Collins met Nashea Poole and Clarissa Mc Ghee on POF and invited them to a residence on Tunbridge Wells Crescent.

And we see most of the innovation and most of our future is going to be tied to mobile in some shape or form." POF has also made a significant investment in offline services to bolster its business.