This beauty always aspired to break out of her relatively small world to pursue something bigger and better.

Elease has a huge niche for fashion and design since the age of 5.

New girl Elease arrives and is immediately not liked by any of the girls.

Season 7 Girls Tiara and Nastasia invite the girls to a party.

The girls start to go against the twins after they jump Elease once again.

After the truce with Elease is formed, Erica, Gia and Demitra decide to make an alliance with her.

In each season of the Bad Girls Club, one or more girls is asked to leave the house either from violence, physical fighting, or leaves on their own accord, which then gives the producers a chance at a new "bad girl" who arrives to the house in a couple days to replace the fellow bad girl who was removed or left.

Bad Girls Club hits for a new city Las Vegas with a surprise of twin sisters entering the Bad Girls Mansion.Because our site is updated daily, you can expect to read fresh content from our founder, Jessica Simien, as well as other talented contributors.In addition to news, we feature exclusive interviews, opinion pieces and occasionally host contests and giveaways.Tensions rises between Gia, Amy and Jenna causing multiple physical altercations into the house.One bad girl voluntarily left the house and her fate is in limbo.Elease Donovan, star of Bad Girls Club Season 8, Las Vegas, announces engagement to celebrity photographer Suliman Hasan via Twitter/Instagram today. No matter what your interests are, there is something here for everyone!