Gillespie snarls weedily about a “21st-century slaves, a peasant underclass” over feedback-strewn Big Pink-meets-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rock chug.

And the unkillable indie-sax trend pops up again here, this time with an actually refreshing Spanish-bullfighter feel.

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Twist is undoubtedly The Wiyos' strongest and boldest work to date.

Of course, The Wiyos are mostly known for their amalgamation of "old timey" sounds, but on Twist the band lets their late 20th Century upbringings creep in with their vintage sensibility.

Article: 'Japanese advancement' A Pink targets the hearts of Japanese fans in sailor uniforms '20,000 gathered'Source: Sports Seoul via Nate1. [ 118, -57] They really want that cesium money, huh3.

[ 126, -72] Their concept is supposed to be about innocence but they talk about men and dating which defeats the purpose.

Remember lip gloss, the goopy veneer of your tweens?

It’s been out of style for most of the last decade — replaced by creamy and matte lipsticks.

But the Bobby Gillespie-led Glaswegian band has been stylistically mobile ever since its early forays into jangly indie pop, and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields all but officially joined the group on 2000’s politics-sharpened this year, but now the record has at least a U. For what it’s worth, Shields isn’t even the only MBV member to guest on the LP; bassist Debbie Googe has also been confirmed, though it’s unclear whether she plays here.

The new “2013” video hones in on a chunk of a nine-plus minute track, and it’s, well, a lot to digest.

The video shows a couple in Kanye West-style masks embracing, a moth being stabbed, aristocrats being bathed and force fed, a body being bound up in ropes — you know, America’s traditional President Day’s imagery.

There’s at least a nipple or two, and while the context is probably androgynous enough to avoid IT departments’ porn sensors, it still might be a better bet not to watch this at work.

But now, Bobbi Brown’s new Illuminating Nude Lip Gloss collection will make you want to live in the lip-gloss glory days once more.