As well as artefacts from China and Japan there are interesting items from Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet and Korea.Of special interest is the unique Helleno-Buddhist collection with sculptures from Gandhara in Pakistan dating from the 1st to the 5th centuries AD showing the Hellenistic influence on Buddhism in the region and beyond.Byzantine Museum, Corfu Town (26610 38313; open 8.30am-3pm Tues-Sun.) The Byzantine Museum of Corfu is one of the most significant in Greece.

One of the most beautiful exhibits in the museum is the archaic lion which was found near Menecrates' tomb and which dates from the 7th century BC.

There are also finds from the temple of Hera and the temple of Apollo which were found on the Mon Repos estate.

Here are exhibited early Christian sculptures, parts of Byzantine frescoes from the 11th, 13th and 18th centuries and a collection of icons from the 16th to 18th centuries by famous artists including Tzafouri, Michael Damaskenos, Emmanuel Lombardos, Emmanuel Tzanes, and Victor and Michael Avramis.

The Folkloric Museum of Central Corfu, Sinarades (26610 54962; open 9.30am-2pm Tues-Sun.) The museum was established by the Historical and Folkloric Society of Corfu in 1982.

On the second floor visitors will find a study with books and a collection of old documents that have been donated to the museum.

On the same floor there are various Corfiot holiday costumes and musical instruments, farming tools, a cobbler's workbench, ceramics, fishing equipment, a children's corner with a shadow puppet show and various tools.Pride of place goes to the fabulous Gorgon Pediment, a 5th Century BC carving which once adorned the Temple of Artemis at Kanoni.This is one of the best preserved Archaic sculptures in Greece.The large building, in neoclassical style, has three floors adorned with many statues and paintings.The vast gardens surrounding the building, with a wonderful view of a large part of the island, run down to the coast road.There is also a large collection of Corcyran coins. It contains a collection of thousands of pieces dating from the Neolithic Age to the 19th century.