It is also about removing prejudices so that talent can flourish, unhindered by assumptions often linked to race and gender.

Diversity is seldom debated as a pressing issue in the legal profession.

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Our Principal Professor Sir Gordon Duff has been awarded the Sir James Black Award for Contributions to Drug Discovery by the British Pharmacological Society, to recognise his group's original discovery of Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha (TNFα) as a therapeutic target in human arthritis.

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The public debate on the quality of High Court judges started receiving public attention in earnest during the formal interviews of the current chief justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng, in 2011.

When he was nominated, his previous judgments as a High Court judge were thoroughly researched by various public interest organisations. Questions were asked about how he became the judge president of the North West High Court division and how he eventually made it to the Constitutional Court.

It also puts the spotlight on transformation of the legal profession as a whole.

Transformation is about creating conditions that are open, bias-free and non-hierarchical.

How it balances the need for racial and gender diversity often comes under scrutiny.

The commission has done fairly well in increasing the number of black judges. There are currently only five female judges out of 24 at the Supreme Court and three female judges out of 11 at the Constitutional Court.

Public law professor Richard Calland described the episode as: “…