After this 1 year is over, additional cost applies, which is 50% of the product cost.

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Do you think if you upgraded your script to the most recent version the issues would be gone? However if any of the items require additional modifications, code customization is necessary, and it is not part of the standard service. What concerns hosting services, a dedicated server may be better suited for certain needs than an account on a shared server, that is true.

Hello inc, The latest release of Dating Pro solution is 2013.01.

I know that since you posted your comment here, you have come in contact with our Support team and had your site updated to the latest version of the script, and hopefully are more content with it now.

If you have any questions, do contact our Sales and Support team. Hello Datingbiz, We are sorry to hear about your experience. Is it possible that you provide an update on how the issues were resolved if at all?

From what we know, you have selected one of the previous versions. It is true that all owners of dating websites built with PG Dating Pro can contact for ready dating profiles.

Find out more on page SMIC, Thank you for sharing your experience.

We are constantly working at improving our customer services.

Any comments and suggestions from your part are welcome.

What you experienced is probably our Sales team offering you the latest version.

Bug fix is free of charge and we do not plan on changing that, as technical support is one of our priorities in working with customers.

Can you please file a complaint under so we can investigate?