I’m probably leaving stuff out because I’m out of time and need to stop writing this.

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But it’s still the place where my posts that do get shared, get shared most often.

Because I’m afraid of family members and people in my professional network reading about accidental vaginas or my grandmother hypothetically marrying a Liam Neeson movie character, I’ve always been too scared to share stuff on Facebook.

I thought I would be able to customize it so that I could take some of the things that live WAY down at the bottom of these pages that most people never see, and move them up to the sidebars.

So I chose this because there aren’t any distractions. But (usually after publishing a mistake or two every time) I’m pretty good about keeping the copy clean.

The premise of my blog is I am the wife of a shitty husband, a husband who was shocked when I asked for a separation. So I want to share my journey in hopes of helping other wives and husbands. No matter how much I don’t want to be, I’ve sort of become this divorce/relationship blogger, which makes no sense, but whatever. because a week earlier I wrote to some 5’2” online dating chick one night who wouldn’t date guys under six feet, and I used it as the subject line. She wrote back, but not because she wanted to go out.

But I don’t really know where to start, I am assuming your blog didn’t start off as fabulous as it is now (if it has, more props to you! Some people dream big and hope people will like their writing and that it might create future writing and career opportunities. Choose a theme that allows people to follow you via email up in the sidebar, and showcase other information they care about like recent posts, or popular posts, or how to follow you on social media, or whatever. Credit the photographer or at least the source whenever possible in the caption. I usually write over a thousand because I’m wordy and don’t always do what I’m supposed to. I picked this theme (called “Chunk”) because it’s SUPER-clean, and I like clean. But this theme doesn’t let you do that, AND I suck at HTML coding, so even if it did, I probably couldn’t have pulled it off. Write as much as you want, but 800 words or less will help readers stay with you. Word Press plugins make it easy to embed social media sharing on your blog. Posting every day only worked for about nine months for me. I generally stick to Monday-Wednesday-Friday now and I find it more manageable. If it fabulous, I have a hard time believing it started out that way. Feral Wife called my blog “fabulous.” Which is too kind because of all its structural deficiencies and sometimes-shitty writing. There’s a science to it, but I’m always in too big of a hurry.