Legend has it that before dying, he left a note for his jailer’s daughter, with whom he had become friendly, signed, “From your Valentine.” The rest is considerably less bloody history. Well, other than buying lots of stuff – consumers in the U. alone are on track to spend a record .9 BILLION this year – or complaining loudly about the day’s observance or existence (please just STOP, you’re boring me) – you could: Grab your sweetie (or any willing participant) and make out!

Kissing releases powerful hormones and brain chemicals – apparently even just puckering your lips for a smooch can remind you of blissful babyhood, and bonds you to the face you’re sucking.

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Check out this entertaining five-minute video on exactly why kissing is so awesome and get inspired!

Forge a deeper connection with someone by asking the right questions.

This bummer of a Claudius – convinced that Roman men weren’t joining the Imperial Army he was keeping busily engaged fighting foreign wars because they were too into their wives and girlfriends – banned all engagements and marriages in Rome.

Valentine, a Christian priest, continued to perform clandestine ceremonies for young lovers, and was put to death for his treason.

There are a number of dating websites that cater specifically to the literary crowd.

The most popular and established site is alikewise, which currently connects single bookworms in Canada, the U. K., Australia, New Zealand, Germany, The Netherlands, and Israel.Libraries have long since evolved from being stuffy places of quiet contemplation, and many plan events for singles.Read Dating, a popular variation on Speed Dating, has taken off at the Vancouver Library, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be running a similar event at the Kitchener Public Library later this year.A very popular New York Times column, Modern Love, recently published this account of how a pair of acquaintances moved their relationship out of the “friend zone” one night by following the advice of Dr. I’ve already written about the SUNY psychologist’s work claiming that any pair of people wishing to fall in love with each other could do so by asking this particular set of questions before, and am happy to have my firm belief that there’s no such thing as “the one” (in a predestination sense) confirmed yet again. According to a recent study, patrons of dating sites who choose a username that begins with a letter in the first half of the alphabet achieve more success than those closer to Z.While I am familiar with the concept of alphabetical discrimination, I am not aware of a single dating site that presents its search or match results in alphabetical order, so I’m inclined to disregard these “findings” entirely.You can search for like-minded lit lovers according to the usual criteria (age, location, height, etc.) you can search for a particular title, and find other users who also cherish that book.