You fill out your profile with clever insights and the occasional pop culture pun.

You upload your sexy beach photo and that snapshot of you holding a monkey (a real monkey!

The Ok Cupid A-List isn’t just a premium feature, it’s also a term thrown around for the elitists on the site.

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Deserved or not, these users have a major superiority complex and are happy to let you know about it by flooding your inbox with insults.

You’ve followed all the Ok Cupid tips you could find online to craft a profile so magical it’s practically the Ok Cupid version of a unicorn ice sculpture.

Plus, why waste your time yelling at weirdos when you could be using that time to talk to someone sexy and charming? This’ll save you from reading even more of their detailed sex scenes in the future and might actually send them a signal that their approach needs some work.

You may also want to change your settings — removing “casual sex” from the list of things you’re interested in MIGHT lower your amount of sleazy messages slightly.

Sharing a plate of cheese fries now doesn’t mean you have to share your free sample of lube later. Your date’s killer sense of humor or smart and sassy conversation style might just transform them from a six back into a nine.

Attraction is more than skin deep, and if at the end of the date you still aren’t feeling it, at least you had a nice time and scored some positive dating karma for your next adventure.But then you meet them in person and suddenly it’s like someone fed your cute and cuddly Gizmo after midnight. One of the most important Ok Cupid tips is to remember that everyone on Ok Cupid is trying to put their best face forward.You’re at the Cheesecake Factory with a full-blown gremlin. And if you listed your body type as “average” when you knew “a little extra” was a lot more truthful, then you don’t have much room to judge.Or, you know, at least save yourself from a few creeps. Look, you’re both in the same boat, so you don’t really have much room to judge. Let’s be real -- not even Ghandi would be able to deny the opportunity to poke fun at an ex’s online dating profile. To do this, sign up for “Ok Cupid A-List.” It’s an Ok Cupid feature that allows you to visit profiles without the owner knowing, and trust us -- this is one of those Ok Cupid tips that’s worth the couple extra bucks.Seeing someone you know on Ok Cupid is a bit like running into someone you know at a strip club. If you’re not friends, there’s no reason to acknowledge each other. The trick is to act like some kind of award-winning nature photographer -- observe the beast without it knowing. Make sure you check off “browse invisibly” in your settings, then head to their profile and enjoy the lols.Make sure you screenshot everything too -- they may stumble upon your profile and block you to save face.