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The highly-anticipated comeback series is being penned by Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring, which is slated to consist of nine episodes.

The exact air date is not yet known but could potentially be later this year or in 2017.

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It was recently announced that the part of Sara’s husband in the Prison Break revival has been cast.

Mark Feurstein will be taking on the role of Scott Ness, the doctor’s new husband.

Part of a full sleeve so I had to keep some space in the background open for the next part.

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Limitations: Observational study may be susceptible to unmeasured confounders; relies on self-reported data; limited post-ACA timeframe provides information on short-term changes only.

Conclusions: The ACA Medicaid expansions were associated with higher rates of insurance coverage, improved quality of coverage, increased utilization of some types of health care, and higher rates of diagnosis of chronic health conditions for low-income adults.

The 38-year-old American star, who played the prison medic Sara Tancredi in the drama, is currently in negotiations to reprise her role in the upcoming reboot.