Here's what it takes, and what you can expect when you walk through our doors for the first time: Knowledgeable, Passionate Instructors.

The vision by the previous MAIA Presidents John [...] Pleased to advise that there has been a change to the Accreditation Update Policy in that the 6 month period, after the expiry date of accreditation, in which an instructor can update his/her accreditation has now been extended to four years over the moratorium period (1 July 2016 – 1 July 2017).

When it comes to martial arts, 76-year-old Meenakshi knows her stuff.

That's why, every day, we thoroughly clean our studio from top to bottom.

And we check our equipment to make sure it's in good working order, and replace it when it needs replacing. Finally, it takes the right people to make an amazing community.

The Martial Arts Industry Association Limited (MAIA) is the Peak Industry Body for Martial Arts in Australia.

The MAIA acts as the representative body for the collective interests of the martial arts to the Federal, State and Territory Governments, the general community and the media.

Our instructors truly care about you and your experience.

They're here for every question you have and every challenge that arises.

It is thought to be one of the oldest martial arts, dating back 2,000 years.