You can also apply for divorce on the basis of incurable insanity.

This ground is not often used due to the fact that you have to live separate and apart for three years and you need proof of incurable insanity.

The business and financial climate in North Carolina during the late 1940s to the early 1960s may be studied through the Law Practices: Clients (CLOSED) and Subject Files Series. Of particular note are several political figures represented in the Correspondence Series, including North Carolina Senator Willis Smith and Virginia Senator Harry F. The business, professional, and personal relationship of Bailey with United States Senator from North Carolina, Jesse Helms, is reflected in the Correspondence and Law Practices: Clients Series (CLOSED).

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Included is constituent mail, information pertaining to political appointments, and his service on various committees, including his chairmanship of the Interstate and Federal Relations and Judiciary Committees. The library may require up to 48 hours to retrieve these materials for research use.

The Subject Files and Legal and Financial Papers Series disclose some of the financial interests held by Bailey and his family. Please contact Research Services staff before visiting the David M.

Correspondence, leases, wills, deeds, receipts, and other financial papers primarily pertaining to the settlement of estates of Bailey relatives, both maternal (Pou) and paternal, (Bailey) family members.

Chiefly typewritten copies of the column, Raleigh Roundup, which appeared in 36 small town newspapers throughout North Carolina with Bailey's picture and name.

The papers also document Bailey's political interests and pursuit of political office, financial and legal matters pertaining to himself and family members, and his involvement in civic organizations.

These concerns are documented by the Correspondence, Subject Files, Legal and Financial Papers, and Writings and Speeches Series.

Correspondence, legal and financial papers, press releases, and newsclippings relating to civic, political, and professional organizations.

Also includes papers concerning political campaigns, Bailey's career, and some of his financial interests.

The use of names of living individuals involved in the kind of professional counseling represented by a lawyer-client relationship is prohibited without the client's consent.