Again, a game that can be played with many more players, but still works with just two.

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Another cooperative game that’s full of strategy, and takes only about 30-45 minutes.

If you’ve mastered Forbidden Island, this game is one-step up, with individual resource management and a board that’s always changing. Pandemic – $29.67 A pandemic has broken out–and it’s your job to prevent it from spreading!

Let’s start with nine different 2 player classic games, and then we’ll move to eleven new board games you can play with two people: 1. Yes, it’s loud, so it may not be ideal if you’re trying to get school aged kids to sleep. On each turn you have to remove a block from the lower levels and deposit it at the top, creating a higher and higher tower until gravity eventually takes its toll. The first one to get rid of all their tiles (or to get rid of most before you’re both out of possible moves) wins.

We play it as a family (we have a 4-person version), but there’s also this two person version, and I really enjoy it.

You can learn it quickly, but there’s a ton of different scenarios you can play. So you can tell your hubby that if you guys play it it means you’re super smart.

Not only that, but it’s a cooperative game, so if he’s super competitive (or you are) and that often makes two-player game nights end badly, then here’s a great alternative. Forbidden Desert – 20.25 You’re stranded in a desert, and you have to get out before you die of thirst–or something worse.It also has lots of expansions you can buy to turn it into a different, and more complicated, game if you want. Five Crowns – .47 I love all the card games put out by SET, and this one’s awesome! It’s fun with two, but again–it works well as a family game, too.You can play with two players, but it also works well letting the kids join in. And if you like Xactica and Five Crowns, you can also buy all four of SET’s card games (including Quiddler and Set) together, as well. Dominion – .50 Here’s a fun game that changes every time you play!It’s not for the spatially challenged, mind you, unless you want to increase your spatial skills! Hive – .71 One of my new favorites–really unique, really challenging, and really fun.Like dominoes, with Hive you build your own game by putting the tiles together in different ways. This is a lighthearted game, that doesn’t require a ton of strategy.I like it when we have people over because it doesn’t take long to explain.