Many of us get lonely and figure, "Hey, hanging with this person is better than being alone." Not true.It is better to wait for the right person rather than wasting time with the wrong one - who may distract you from when the right one actually shows up in your life.I don't pay on this site so when u write to me pls type ur other contant too. Věk 50 Od Roermond, Netherlands Online - Včera Žena Hledající Muž (610 Km daleko) Refined,determined,compassionate,seeking a educated refined gentleman.

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They absolutely won't commit to any sort of date in the near future - let alone be a good, reliable partner for the long-term.

If you meet someone who likes to say, "I'll let you know...maybe..I will get back to you," do yourself a favor and lose their number.

You may find the brooding, negative type sort of intriguing - but eventually, all they really do is steal all of your positive energy.

It's up to you ultimately, but we'd say stay away from this type of dater if you want a happy, peaceful, drama-free relationship.

If you are young and just having fun, dating a party king/queen can be exciting!

If you are looking for a more serious relationship, the party animal is not usually the direction you will want to go in.

One of the biggest issues with dating someone who is "Daddy's Princess" or a "Mama's Boy" is that they often expect you to spoil them the exact same way.

Some of them aren't used to being told no, haven't had to deal with alot of responsibilities, and their parents will likely play a big part in any of their relationships.

I also love to Cook, gardening, walking trough a park, travel, spending time with my love-ones. Věk 39 Od Bruxelles, Belgium Online - 4 dní zpátky Žena Hledající Muž (720 Km daleko) elegant, well educated, smart, spiritual and open minded, pragmatic, reliable, trustful, diplomatic, with good heart, extremely romantic..

I have 2 BA degrees: One in Math and one in Computer Science and 2 MD degrees: One in Computer Science and one...

You deserve the best - so hold out for someone worthy of your love, who is also on the same page relationship-wise Share your stories below - so we can all learn from each other!